Nokia 2140 (Nokia Orange)

Nokia 2140, the first Orange phone

The first Orange handset

  • Date launched: 1994
  • Network: GSM 1800Mhz Orange
  • Form: Candy bar
  • Size: 58(w)x148(h)x25(d) mm
  • Weight: 238g
  • Cost new: £300 (Summer 1994)
  • Can you use it today: Yes

When the Orange network launched in 1994, customers only had one choice of phone. Fortunately it was the phone of 1994. The first Orange phone was a reworked version of the high end business phone, the Nokia 2110.

The first Orange phone was the Nokia 2140.  Although, the Orange network primarily targeted consumers rather than business users, Nokia dropped none of the advanced features of their flagship phone for the Orange rebrand. The only functional difference was that the Nokia 2140 supported the Orange network on 1800MHz rather than the Vodafone one.

The handset itself had a minor redesign, it was less curvy and the buttons were different. Nevertheless, Orange's first customers were getting their hands on the top phone of 1994. It was a significant improvement over the early offerings on Mercury One2One, the rival consumer network.


Nokia 2110 on Wikipedia

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"hello im matthew, l still use this phone right up to today march 2013 and its never stopped a beat, works great on the EE network and is so retro, l have lots of people come up to me commenting on the phone asking were did l get it and others wanting to buy it, this phone is in mint brand new condition and l wont ever sell it l love the handset ive been with orange since 1994 and l do have a stock of good batterys and the battery im useing does its job great see with iphones and other new phones today there packet with to much stuff and kills the battery even if you drop the new phones it will straight away damage and need repairing as for the nokia 2140 its bullet proof long battery life and is a classic vintage handset. Alot of intrest has come to these sort of phones as retro is comeing back ive seen them fetch up to ?400 pounds or even more they only opporate on the 1800mhz single which makes it very rare as the single band phones wont work any more unless you have an early type sim card 2g so l will keep injoying my phone for many years to come so thankyou for reading my report on the 2140 nokia........

kind regards

Matthew. Eastmidlands" matthew rogers 03/25/2013
"I had one of these years ago & loved it.
Unfortunately I had to trade it in to upgrade with Orange so until recently it'd been missing from my arsenal of old mobiles..
However, I recently picked one up in great working condition on Ebay.
The only problem is that it's blocked & I do not have the code required to unlock it.

Is there a simple way of doing this, such as taking it to a market stall where they'll do such things for you or would Orange be able to help me (I've been with them from the start)?

Thanks in advance for any advice,

David." David 05/28/2014
"Looking through old stuff came across the orange nokia 5.1 the battery is dead but the phone ok !!
any one know where a battery can be got ?????????
have tried a few places none in stock !!
As usual :
any help please :
regards: ANT:

ps : At the minute i use a galaxy note 4 :" Ant leach 02/08/2015
"The Nokia 2140 on Orange was a lovely phone, but many of them suffered from an instability in the RF output stage, which resulted in dropped calls (the old triple tone) as you tried to make, or during calls.

What happened was that the RF was fine when the phone was in your hand, but as soon as you put it against your head the RF stage became unstable, and started to transmit on all sorts of random frequencies which it was not supposed to be on. This was observed happening on an hp spectrum anaysler, using several different handsets.

To the best of my knowledge Nokia never admitted the problem existed, and Orange just kept sending out replacement handsets." Toothy Chris 06/08/2015
"Hello its Matt here l posted the message at the top back in 2013 l have a few nokia 5.1 batterys that will also fit Nokia 2140 so please email me at the older handsets won't eat at your credit or money on your contract as new phones are bad to eat at your internet time anyhow l still use my Nokia 5.1 everyday I've built my battery useing new cells and it works great people laugh and say blimy mate l can't belive it working the Nokia 5.1 is Nokia's classic and if you have one keep it it will be worth hundreds in years to come

All the best regards

Matt" matthew 10/23/2015
"Hello it's July 1st 2016 and yes I'm back to tell you l still have my Nokia 5.1 and it's running great I've found a way to rebuild new cell battery's into the battery's cover and it's running brilliant with days of battery power see as time has gone by I've found that cell recharging battery's has got a lot stronger threw the years to buy so it's worth upgrading them from the old ones its easy as you will need a soldering iron kit and a good hour to replace the old cells if you need help please contact me on 07708827053" Matthew Rogers 07/02/2016
"I have an immaculate Nokia 2140 which has been in a case since I bought it from Orange in 1995. Any ideas what it would be worth ? Unfortunately I don't have a charger but am willing to sell it" Paul Russell 07/11/2017
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